Two New Forums for Ardor and Nxt

Two New Forums for Ardor and Nxt

Introducing a new Ardor Forum dedicated to conversations around Ardor.

The Nxt forum remains at the same URL and is the place to talk about Nxt.

The division into two forums was for clarity between the projects. You may login to both forums with your former Nxt Forum username and password.

The best part about these choices is that you can participate in both.

Kseniya Zhytomirsky Wins a Rapsberry Pi

Kseniya Zhytomirsky Wins a Rapsberry Pi

Congratulations Kseniya Zhytomirsky!

Kseniya was chosen from among those who successfully completed the Ardor Bootcamp Course on to win a Raspberry Pi loaded with Ardor.

The contest is over but the course is still available. Join the number of people who have completed this three and a half hour course and know all the basics of the Ardor blockchain.

Go to and search for Ardor Bootcamp and be sure to follow the course @efunkonline on Twitter for the discount coupons he shares and his upcoming course.

Nxt / Ardor Historical Timeline Published

Nxt / Ardor Historical Timeline

Have you wondered how Nxt Cryptocurrency developed and evolved into Ardor?

A beautiful 22 page document outlining the history of Nxt cryptocurrency through the launch of Ardor has been published. 

Ardor / Nxt Community member Andrii Savdeiev used his design skills to create the document that was compiled by Ruben Bueno with further contributions and edits from a group of selected reviewers.

Enjoy the story! We all joined the narrative at some point and the journey ahead is part of the history yet to be told.

Ardor ( ARDR ) Listed on Binance

Ardor ( ARDR ) Listed on Binance

Today, Binance Exchange announced the listing of the Ardor cryptocurrency token with trading to commence at 11:00 UTC.

The listing comes several months after the Ardor / Nxt Community raised the equivalent of $100,000 for the listing fee within 6 hours.

Meanwhile, market conditions have devalued the crowd funded amount and Jelurida B.V. has made up the difference in value.

Jelurida is the entity protecting the licensing and intellectual property of the Ardor and Nxt blockchains and committed to the success of the projects.