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Ardor / Nxt Group is writing the API documentation for Ardor.

You can see the project in progress here:

Contribute by writing the section on Accounts

You will need to download the document repo and set up a local environment to contribute. If you haven't done it, start here:

  1. Start a contribution:
    • Open the <LocalRepo>/source/includes/
    • Select the markdown file you want to contribute on
    • Write the API call documentation starting by the code, then description, then the parameters, the specific notes if any(reference as a starting point)
  2. When you finish a contribution, please submit a Pull Request with a clear message defining the work done
  3. Your contribution will be reviewed and merged as soon as possible. But, please be prepared to receive comments and adjust your contribution
  4.  Bounty will be paid on successful completion

NOTE: Before you begin, please add your name to this GoogleSheet that keeps track of the current contributors. Take a look at it before starting to contribute in order not to double spend time on a section which is already on progress.

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