Community Projects

Ardor Lite Wallet Development and Marketing

Ardor Lite Wallet Development and Marketing

This open ended fund is for the future development of the Ardor Lite Wallet, an independent project by MrV777.

The Lite Wallet has been available on the Google Playstore for Android devices for many months. Work to put it on Apple store is ongoing. MrV777 has been promoting this wallet using Google Adwords with great success. The more it is advertised the more new installations and new users join our ecosystem.

The community has an opportunity to contribute to the costs of ongoing development, advertising and a new website for the Ardor Lite Wallet.

Sponsor Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp on Udemy

Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp

Here is an opportunity for the community to help sponsor an incredibly successful educational project initiated, funded and developed by Eric Funk, an Ardor / Nxt community member.

Eric created Ardor Bootcamp, a series of more than 30 lessons teaching the basics of Ardor blockchain, on He has generously provided many discount codes to make it more accessible to those wanting to learn the power of Ardor. Recently he worked with Ardor / Nxt Group in the Raspberry PI Giveaway.

Completed Projects