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Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp
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Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp

Here is an opportunity for the community to help sponsor an incredibly successful educational project initiated, funded and developed by Eric Funk, an Ardor / Nxt community member.

Eric created Ardor Bootcamp, a series of more than 30 lessons teaching the basics of Ardor blockchain, on Udemy.com. He has generously provided many discount codes to make it more accessible to those wanting to learn the power of Ardor. Recently he worked with Ardor / Nxt Group in the Raspberry PI Giveaway.

Evaluating the students of this course we found that most of them are people who are not actively involved in the community or familiar with Ardor. Eric thought to make this even more accessible by offering it for free for a limited time. Ardor / Nxt Group agreed to a capped sponsorship. 

In less than 24 hours after listing it for free on Udemy.com more than 400 users had enrolled from more than 75 countries. This is before it was announced or promoted in any way.

Based on this huge success and the statistics that show this class is exposing Ardor to a larger audience than almost any other marketing effort to date, a project to fund continued sponsorships is now open.

Please consider a generous contribution to help give this basic education to serious seekers of information about blockchain solutions.


50 ARDR will sponsor one enrollment as of the date of this post.


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