Nxter Puzzle | Ardor Rocks

Nxter Puzzle | Ardor Rocks' minivan was packed with famous guitars, but suddenly the door opened and all the guitars fell out! You know how it goes - they are now spread throughout the festival square. Festival bangers and hippies grabbed the guitars - you must find all the guitars and guess the names of their owners! There are 30 well-known instruments.

Summer Quest: Stage Five

Krems an der Donau, Austria

This week it will rain tokens on fast and smart Nxter puzzlers. Our last city-walk is in Krems an der Donau (Krems), Austria, and the announcement of the final word in the ANG-sponsored 1000 IGNIS account challenge will occur at the Purposeful Games Hackathon in that same city this weekend.

Summer Quest: Stage Four

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Home of Dominium

The fourth area in our Summer Quest is Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where Dominium, one of the new upcoming Ardor child chains, is located.

Search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the puzzle picture. When you have unlocked the Stage IV account, there's a bonus puzzle for you to solve.

Combine the words from the Stage IV and the bonus puzzle below to get access to the bonus account - you will find a redeemable

Raspberry Pi Giveaway

Raspberry Pi Giveaway

Enter to Win

  1. Complete the Ardor Bootcamp Course on
  2. Follow the instructions at the end of the course. 
  3. One entry is allowed per person.
  4. Entries will be validated against the list of persons completing the course.
  5. A valid email address is required for notification if you win. You will be required to submit mailing information if you win.


Summer Quest: Stage Three

Summer Quest: Stage Three: Lugano Switzerland

The third area is Lugano Switzerland, home of Jelurida's main office.

Search this area (using Google Maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.

When you have unlocked the Stage III account, there's a bonus puzzle for you to solve HERE.

All letters are lowercase, divided by spaces - exactly like the passphrase for your Ardor account. The formula of the final passphrase is: (Stage I + Stage II) + Stage III + Stage IV + Stage V + FINAL WORD.

Summer Quest: Stage One

Summer Quest: Stage One - Hadera, Israel


The first area to search is Hadera, Israel, where Lior Yaffe (co-founder, managing director @Jelurida) lives.

Search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture above.

The 6 words found in this puzzle will be the first part of a passphrase that gives you access to a Nxt/Ardor blockchain account. The second half of the passphrase will be the 6 word answer from the Stage Two of the Summer Quest series. The passphrase unlocks an encrypted message in this account to let you know that your solution is correct. 

A Walk Through Nxt History

A Walk Through Nxt History

There will be 25 winners for this weeks puzzle!

A Nxter who is definitely growing something unique on the Ignis blockchain this summer is Madfox, Russian Nxter editor. With his puzzle games, mazes and crosswords, he is giving away free IGNIS to the fastest minds that solve his challenges every week. In this, his 5th puzzle, the first 25 participants to come, correctly, collect on the challenge can each claim 50 IGNIS, sponsored by the ANG.

Nxter Puzzle: Nonogram

Solve this Nonogram puzzle to win Ignis

Step 1. Solve all 12 nongram puzzles according to numbers at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden picture.

Step 2. Make up the passphrase by using the solved pictures as a clue.

Use the passphrase and to give you full access to account ARDOR-6CNA-C4ST-N2ZG-CQ5V8 with 500 IGNIS sponsored by Ardor Nxt Group.