Nxter Puzzle: Japanese Kakuro

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Nxter Puzzle: Japanese Kakuro

Rules are simple:

Step 1. Solve all the kakuro-puzzles and fill in all the numbers (figure 1). Kakuro Puzzle Solving Guide

Step 2. Make up the passphrase by using figure 2.

  • Words of the passphrase consist of numbers.
  • The order of the numbers in a word is shown by arrows.
  • The index number of the word is the large blue number.
  • The passphrase is 98 words long.
  • Words must be separated by spaces.

Find the passphrase and it will give you full access to account ARDOR-9XAM-4D97-LUWU-CD53C with 500 IGNIS kindly sponsored by Ardor Nxt Group.