Summer Quest: Stage Two

End of Quest: 1000 Ignis
Number of Winners
Date Released
Summer Quest: Stage Two - Lancaster PA

Lancaster, PA

The second area is Lancaster, PA, home of Elizabeth Mong, Director of the Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG).

Walk through and search this area (using Google maps) to uncover the hidden words in the picture below.

  • The 6 words found in this puzzle will be the second part of a passphrase that gives you access to a Nxt / Ardor blockchain account.
  • The first half of the passphrase will be the 6 word answer from the Stage One of the Summer Quest series. 
  • The passphrase unlocks an encrypted message in this account to let you know that your solution is correct. 
  • Check the message, keep a backup of the passphrase and wait for the next stage.

Wikipedia Note about Lancaster:

In 2009, the LCSC’s expansion from a 70 to a 165-camera network attracted national attention, including a front-page article in the Los Angeles Times: “Lancaster, Pa., keeps a close eye on itself”. The article quoted city police chief Keith Sadler as saying, “Years ago, there’s no way we could do this... It brings to mind Big Brother, George Orwell and 1984. It’s just funny how Americans have softened on these issues.”

This is especially funny if you know the history of Nxt > Ardor. Short version.