A Walk Through Nxt History

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A Walk Through Nxt History

There will be 25 winners for this weeks puzzle!

A Nxter who is definitely growing something unique on the Ignis blockchain this summer is Madfox, Russian Nxter editor. With his puzzle games, mazes and crosswords, he is giving away free IGNIS to the fastest minds that solve his challenges every week. In this, his 5th puzzle, the first 25 participants to come, correctly, collect on the challenge can each claim 50 IGNIS, sponsored by the ANG.

Reminder: You must have a Twitter account that was created more than 1 month ago to win a prize this week.

Rules for this puzzle:

  • Step 1: solve this simple crossword and find all 15 words – this is a passphrase (by order, words are separated by spaces and don’t use capital letters)
  • Step 2: use this passphrase to get access to an Ignis account
  • Step 3: follow instructions from the encrypted incoming message in this account
HINT: All answers can be found in the newly published Nxt Ardor Timeline.