Ardor Public Node Setup

Ardor Public Node Setup

Ardor Public Node Setup

1. Get a Server

There are many reliable server providers and these instructions can be used for most of them..

  • Choose your server - Because Ardor has addressed issues of blockchain bloat you do not need a large, expensive instance.
  • These instructions are written for Ubuntu, so choose Ubuntu 16.04 (64 Bit) when ordering.

2. Prepare the Server

  • Sign in to the Control Panel.
  • You may be asked to set a hostname for the server - any name will work and will be used to identify the server. 
  • Use the built in console or open a command line box on your computer to run the following commands:
  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get install openjdk-8-jre nano screen ufw
  3. ufw default deny incoming
  4. ufw allow 27876
  5. ufw allow 27874
  6. ufw enable

3. Install Ardor Client

  1. wget
  2. unzip

4. Configure Properties

  1. cd ardor/conf
  2. nano

Add this to new file:
CTRL X and then Y to save.

5. Run the Node

  1. cd ../
  2. screen bash ./
  • The blockchain will download. 
  • Screen bash command allows you to close the command window while the client to continues to run.
  • Visit the client in browser here: http://IPaddress:27876
  • Create and fund new account.
  • Observe node status here:
  • REMEMBER to update your node with every NRS release.

Consider running a NXT node on the same server.