How to Build a Blockchain: Genesis Block

Let’s Build a Blockchain

Last year I made a commitment to build a blockchain and document how I did it. I postponed this to become the full-time Executive Director of Ardor / Nxt Group. Now, in that capacity, I find myself teaching and answering questions about blockchain. With so much interest in the NXT Blockchain Creation Kit, this seemed to be the right time. So here we go!

In this short tutorial I demonstrate how I created a blockchain or cryptocurrency in less than 30 minutes using the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit.

We start at Jelurida is the business entity created to protect the intellectual property of Nxt and Ardor blockchains and to ensure the continued developement of this blockchain technology. Briefly, we need to review the license agreement that requires that the new blockchain remains open source, credit is give to Jelurida and 10% of the initial token distribution is given to current holders of Nxt based on their account balances.

The Blockchain Snapshot

In order to distribute the tokens to current NXT accounts at the Genesis block we need to enable an addon and create a file to which the list of accounts will be written to — called the snapshot.

I show you how to do this and how to copy it into the proper place inside the Nxt clone project which we create.

The Genesis Block

It really shouldn’t be this easy! When we have placed the snapshot file in the proper place and run the program from within the clone directory (Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit), the Genesis block of the new blockchain is created and 10% of the tokens are automatically distributed.

Be sure to watch the video above for the specific details. When you are ready to change the Coin Symbol and select the features to include with you blockchain Part 2: Branding & Features is here: 👉🏻

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