To The People Talking About The Lack Of Marketing For Ardor

Whilst people tend to agree that the technology behind Ardor is genuinely groundbreaking, there seems to be a consensus of opinion that the marketing efforts from Jelurida are pretty weak.

The thing is, I actually disagree.

If you look at the remit of Jelurida, you’ll see that they are a for-profit company. This company has two products — Ardor and the Nxt Blockchain Creation kit.

This means that for Jelurida to spend money on the direct marketing of Ardor is extremely short sighted.

The Ardor parent-chain has not been designed for everyday general transactional use, that’s the job of the child chains.

Ardor should not be thought of as a coin. Like Ethereum, Ardor is a store of value. Their market caps are built up because they are both ultimate destinations for profits that have been made from smart contracts (in the case of Ethereum) or child-chains (in the case of Ardor).

Ethereum has not become popular because it has a celebrity figurehead. Ethereum is popular and high-priced because it was built to facilitate developers to build on top of it, which they have done in droves.

This is also why Ardor will become popular, not because of any short term spin designed to pacify day-traders whose memories only extend beyond the last pump.

It’s been less than a month and we are already starting to see new projects being announced. Word will spread. Slowly at first, but it will gather pace as more child chains come on board.

A true and sustained price rise will only happen when there is true adoption of the Ardor ecosystem, and for that to happen, it need to be marketed those who can take advantage of what it was designed for.

Ardor is a working project with a long-term future, and that’s why it’s a long term hold.