Share a Message or Memory to Celebrate 5 Years of Nxt Cryptocurrency!

Share a Message or Memory to Celebrate 5 Years of Nxt Cryptocurrency!

Nxt Cryptocurrency is five years old! In crypto years it is a grandfather. It is stable, reliable and fully featured.

Here is a chance to leave your good wishes to the dev team or share a memory of your involvement in the progress of this incredible blockchain.


Can it be that five years has passed? I remember reading about NXT first on and racing to the bank to get a money order to send to someone I didn't know on Localbitcoins to buy Bitcoin to send to someone else that I didn't know to buy NXT! I'm still motivated by the visions on the whitepaper and early community conversations. Here's to many more years :)

Oh boy, 5 years! Nxt opened my mind to the possibilities of blockchain. Well, Nxt itself, its core devs and its decentralized community did. I remember the Monster Thread. ... remember following it during the day, going to sleep - but only to wake up and "drink from the firehose", as EvilDave worded it; because no matter the time of day, in post upon post, page upon page, ideas, code, and projects were brainstormed, tested, created, launched, and both devs and the growing global community chipped in. In one thread. On awesome Nxt.

Those ideas (and the codebase too) live on in many threads today. Many blockchain projects.
May Nxt stay strong and live on forever, powered by the sun, the dev team, new businesses, JPL clones, and yeah.. here's to the descendant of Bitcoin.

Hi folks! What a great milestone. Everything moves fast in cryptoland, and these five years seem to have passed within a blink of the eye... Nevertheless NXT stands strong, along with the almost one year old Ardor.
Congratulations, and wishing you more glorious years to come.

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

My beloved Nxt, the 100% Proof of Stake (also 100% Proof of Pudding - not promises, but facts here) blockchain ecosystem that has been tasting really good since 2013, when it went live on production. No problems, no rollbacks, no failures, no mining wars, no electricity wasted... just a 100% PoS consensus algorithm with additional sweets added on top of it: Decentralized Asset Exchange, Decentralized Voting, Decentralized Messaging, Decentralized Monetary System, Decentralized Market Place... and many more features, all together written in Java and combined with an excellent API to make it even easy for developers to use it.

No wonder many have tried to copy the recipe (or directly to clone Nxt) during this years, even some wealthy pastry manufacturers are now trying to achieve and Casperize what Nxt created 5 years ago, but even if you take some of the Nxt ingredients and try to emulate it on your product, the flavour will always be different since they don't have the same skillful bakers (i.e. Devs) nor a great and faithful community behind, which makes the result so sweet.

Happy Birthday Nxt!

5 years of dreams, fun, projects, new friends... NXT has literally invaded my life and I’m really happy about it.
I’m sure we will have many more years ahead of dreams, fun, projects, new friends and more...... as long as you let me continue to pretend to be a blogger, web designer, singer, etc... 😁
Happy Birthday!

Time flies! Five years went by in a blink of an eye.... During this time we saw the rise and fall of countless crypto projects and ideas, we saw bears and bulls, bubbles and the bursting of bubbles, the blockchain was called "revolutionary technology" and "great scam", ICOs, exchanges, ravaging emotions, whitepapers, endless promises, a whole industry evolving and trying to find its place in the world. In these interesting times only few projects managed to leave a trace and one of them was the proof-of-stake pioneer Nxt. Nxt is here to stay. To innovate. To inspire. To set standards. Supported by faithful and amazing community, brilliant developers and dedicated team, it always delivers and survives. When a community member once called Nxt the ultimate blockchain, I thought - nothing can be more fitting for this great tech! So, here's to the ultimate blockchain! Happy 5th birthday, Nxt! Live long and prosper! We all love you!

Jean-Luc once wrote me that releasing an Nxt version is like sending a rover to Mars, you have one chance to get it right and almost no way to fix it later. Using this analogy, in the last 5 years the Nxt development team has launched dozens of Mars missions without a single catastrophic failure.
All this was achieved by a team of engineers working remotely (sometimes in their own spare time) fighting against an army of hackers, scammers, copycats and trolls. The resulting blockchain engine is masterpiece of engineering which served and will serve as inspiration for future generations.
We couldn't make it without this wonderful community of people which united together under a common goal of promoting this amazing technology for the benefits of human kind.
Where will we be in 5 years? I'm very optimistic, we have a strong team, great community, enough funds to survive and prosper and amazing challenges and opportunities ahead. Stay around and enjoy the ride.

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