Ardor‘s answer to Smart Contracts: Lightweight Contracts — Norway Hackathon Series

One of the exciting features of the Ardor roadmap is the Lightweight Smart Contracts, allowing Blockchain application developers to create add-ons that enable the automation of tasks and implementation of business logic. Their intelligent design does not require invocation by every node on the network, while still achieving security and preventing misuse of the functionality by bad actors. In turn, this provides a much more efficient system, which is more secure, and bug free than smart contracts which must be invoked by every node on the network. These executions of the “contract” performed by nodes who have selected to run this add on, are running the ‘ContractRunner’ add on.


— This video was recorded at a workshop given at The Center for Research Based Innovation, in Norway, in Spring of 2018, during the for the occasion of the Ardor Hackathon, which took place during the 2018 Autonomy Conference. —