🔥 Ukraine Blockchain Developer Wins Ardor Bootcamp Giveaway

Kseniya Zhytomirsky has won the Raspberry Pi Giveaway after she entered a drawing upon completion of the Ardor Bootcamp course on Udemy.com

Kseniya has been a blockchain developer for several years and has a team of about fourteen working in Ukraine. She discovered Ardor when she was looking for alternative solutions to blockchain payments systems and took the course to learn more.

She learned the basics in the Ardor Bootcamp and has been exploring the APIs for project development and integration for her clients.

Congratulations, Kseniya and welcome to our community!

Learn more:

Ardor Bootcamp on Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/ardor-bootcamp/

Kseniya's company website: https://blocksoft.biz

More about Ardor: https://ardorplatform.org

News about the community: https://ardornxt.io

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